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Practice doing hard things

Practice doing hard things. 

Practice challenging yourself. 

When you do things, purposefully, that challenge you, you are automatically on a subconscious level saying “I am strong enough to be able to figure this out”. 

If I want to live an extraordinary life, I need to do things that are extra ordinary: Hard things. If you want to be world class in something, you need to do things that most people would be unwilling to do. If you want to have extraordinary energy, you need to do the things (like go to bed by 10pm) that most people are unwilling to do. 

Hard things allows you to love a challenge. Instead of being a victim, it is a challenge to overcome. Doing hard things on a daily basis sets you up for the next time, to have greater self-confidence and self-image to know that nothing can stand in your way. And that is an amazing thing. Whatever life throws at you, you will be ready. 

You will begin to understand that, although yes, things are not the way you want them to be today, they will be different tomorrow, or soon. “I’ve accepted this challenge. I’ve accepted practicing hard work, practicing challenges... moving through life, not even thinking it is hard work, but something that I’ve taken on.. and because of that I will become the person that I need to in order to change the situation in my life”

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