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My journey and ME

The past 3 years, since graduating college, I’ve gotten a chance to really dive deep into the person I am and want to be. Through various experiences, relationships, and guidance, I’ve unraveled some of my deepest-rooted insecurities, stepped out of my comfort zone to explore myself and my passions, and found joy and happiness by living a life of gratitude and love. I credit both my accomplishments and hardships for giving me the opportunity to grow in this journey of self-awareness. This journey, including the toughest mental, emotional, and physical moments, has been difficult at times, but it has also instilled in me an unexplainable level of joy and peace. Through it all, I feel myself building to a more complete person and my days both on and off the soccer field have left me more fulfilled.

Outside of soccer, a few things come to my mind: relationships, service (coaching, mentoring, and volunteering), and passion for challenges and learning. These “outward” parts of my life have greatly contributed to my growth “inward”, and vice versa- my growth inward has just as equally helped to strengthen these parts outward. A common theme that ties all these facets together is my goal to live an authentic life, and impact and inspire those around me through love, gratitude, and kindness.

Regarding relationships, building ties and “doing life” with different people, with unique stories and backgrounds, is humbling. Not only does it make my daily activities more enjoyable, but it also has had a positive impact on expanding my thinking and life perspective. Soccer has definitely been a key avenue to form some incredible friendships. Service has also become a huge aspect of my life. I absolutely love working with the younger generation in a coaching/mentoring setting. Using my own soccer experiences to guide others is very empowering. Likewise, getting out in the community and giving back in various ways gives me a similar joy. Learning also has remained a staple in my life. In every environment I find myself in, soccer or not, I crave challenges and new knowledge; if an environment doesn't challenge me, I either try to find a way to make it one that does or find something else. I also love learning about the human body in a holistic view. I studied medicine in college and aspire to use that in my career. Last but not least, my faith is my overarching purpose and security through all these different parts of my life.

I’ve written a lot about “soccer” in this write-up. Many people talk about how important being “balanced” is—well rounded and not always soccer focused or soccer dependent. But to be honest, in my opinion and experience, it’s not as simple as that. In fact, it’s much more than that. I have come to understand soccer is NOT me. But it absolutely has been my greatest avenue to connect to a bigger sense of me. Soccer has given many of my friendships. Incredible relationships. It’s been an avenue to enhance my work ethic. Teamwork. Discipline. Love. Honesty. Compassion. Perseverance. Vulnerability. It also ties directly to my “other passions” of being “well-rounded”. Serving others. Social justice movements. Equality. Inspiring the younger generation. It’s so much more complicated than just being “one part” of my life. It’s given me so much of my life. With that said, I am sure that when soccer is no longer part of my life, I will find another passion that I can fully immerse in that will be another avenue to grow all those aspects.

The journey continues!

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