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The Brand

FLO2.0 is coaching/mentoring brand launched by Sabrina Flores, catered to the athlete that embraces the day-to-day journey. My training business was created on the foundation of empowerment and hustle. Through soccer training and mentorship, I aim to empower success on and off the field. My business is more than the time we spend on the field learning soccer skills. Its about building character and learning lifelong lessons to impact the PERSON as a WHOLE. Scrappy, hardworking, hustle, character are some words I live by. Soccer changed my life and my goal is to use soccer as a vehicle to inspire my community. Using the knowledge and experience from my club, college, and professional soccer career, I aim to challenge and guide kids to reach their potential.


“FLO” stands for Flores, and represents everything that we live by. 2.0 stands for not ONE but TWO: together. It stands for a revamped and revolutionary way of “being”. 1.0 is average. 2.0 is the next level, something we always challenge ourselves to push for. Some adjectives that we live by are Together, Growth, and Embrace. Introducing a brand that represents our truest selves, our journeys, and our greater mission, we are so excited to share this journey with YOU!

Sabrina formerly played for NJ/NY Gotham FC in the NWSL.

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FLO2.0 Group Sessions

FLO2.0 Players

Meet the FLO2.o Squad! 

FLO2.0 LOGO 2024 Black.jpg
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