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FLO2.0 Gym

FLO2.0 strongly agrees with the lifestyle motto "health is wealth". Anyone who joins our community is 1) already obsessed with this type of lifestyle, 2) curious about learning more about this lifestyle, and/or 3) new to, but willing to take a first step towards the benefits of this lifestyle




this program is catered to athletes who want to get to the next level of athleticism. From 4 years of Division I collegiate soccer, to 4+ years (ongoing) of professional soccer, we believe we can offer so much of our experience to you. When you buy our FLO2.0 GYM subscription, you will have access to 4 workouts per month, including, but not limited to:
Running Technique
Mobility and Prevention
Potentiation & Plyometrics
Change of Direction

At the beginning of each month, we will drop the 4 workouts. The 4 workouts will be accompanied by a video and written descriptions.

 We believe in repetition and growth. See how you progress in each workout every week. We encourage you to fit in all 4 workouts each week, and then repeat/progress during the following weeks. When completing these workouts, please keep in mind we are professional athletes, with 20 years of experience moving on the soccer field. These workouts are not recommended for someone that is a beginner. 

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